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A love note to my present and future couples; 
It is an honour to be invited into your private world and portray your sacred ceremony. I endeavour to capture lifelong memories, those fleeting moments and deep emotions you will feel on your special day. 

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It started with nostalgia. Cinematic photography reminiscent of a bygone era was the true beginning, of my ever-evolving love for capturing emotive and memorable moments.

Georgie Zoe is an Australian photographer based in Europe.

Having spent years moving between two worlds, Georgie's works reflect a fusion of cultures and traditions. Her photographs embody honesty, vulnerability, and a deep connection to their subjects. Her passion for fashion and film photography results in a unique blend of editorial and artistic styles.

Georgie aims to authentically capture and document the natural progression of events, imbuing her work with elements of romance, refined elegance, and the true essence of one's story.

With years of professional experience in the wedding world, Georgie has covered weddings in Melbourne, Byron Bay, Perth, Greece, and Croatia. Given her love for travel, she is available worldwide.

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